Trip to the love island

Trip to the love island

It’s a beautiful morning – Ina is planning an excursion with her boyfriend Jens. Jens finished looking erotic chat online. The two haven’t seen each other for a long time, because they travel a lot for work and don’t live together. There is also a lot of neglect when it comes to love. With an erotic excursion Ina Jens would like to prepare a wonderful experience.

“Did you pack everything for our trip?” Asks Jens and gives Ina a kiss on the cheek as a greeting. “Sure, some tingling water, sandwiches, blankets … everything is there!” “Great, then it can start,” he says in a good mood and opens the car door for Ina. “Please get in, Madame!” “Very happy, Lord!” Laughs Ina and is pleased that the mood is so cheerful and relaxed.

Ina wears a light summer dress, the hem of which plays around her slim, tanned legs. The dress automatically slides up when Ina sits in the passenger seat. Jens takes a quick look at his pretty girlfriend. He puts his hand on her knee, but she says with a laugh: “Hey, look ahead, otherwise you’ll build an accident!” “But you look damn sexy in your dress,” he replies cheekily. Ina smiles knowingly, takes his hand and puts it on her shame. “You don’t wear panties at all!” He says, surprised and happy. Before Jens can go exploring, Ina coquettishly pushes his hand away: “And that’s it with the tasting. There’ll be more later! ”Jens is disappointed, but is enthusiastic about Ina’s games.

To the lonely island

When they arrive at the small port, their small boat is already ready. Jens got a motor boat license years ago and if they have time, the two enjoy short jaunts on lakes or rivers. “We have the boat for four hours,” says Jens and has the boat rental company give him final instructions. He gets in first and then holds out his hand so that she can hop in safely. “Do you want to drive around a bit or do you have a specific goal in mind? “He pulls Ina towards him to kiss her, but she pushes him away playfully. “About a 20 minute drive away is a very small island. It is an insider tip – we should be the only ones there at this time of day. Let’s go straight there! “” Aye Aye Mam ‘”replies Jens and accelerates.

Ina snuggles close to Jen and both let the warm wind of the wonderful late summer morning blow around their noses. They smile at each other without saying a word and are just satisfied and happy. He strokes his hand gently over her bottom and Ina lets him do it – they are right there and now Jens can also get going a little bit.

Jens is thrilled when they hit the small, lonely island. “How do you know them?” He asks. “From Caro, she was also here with her boyfriend!” Ina takes the bag, jumps overboard and calls: “Isn’t it lovely here, look how nice the small sandy beach is!” Ina takes off the blankets and takes out the sparkling wine. “Yes, your friend Caro knows the best places for a hot number,” thinks Jens and thanks Caro in spirit.

Lustful tongue play

Jens sits down on the blanket with Ina and takes a sip of the sparkling wine. Ina is about to refill it when he waves it off. “I just want you now,” he says, hugging his girlfriend tightly. He kisses her passionately and opens the top buttons of Ina’s dress. She doesn’t wear a bra either – Ina has a small, firm breast, which is why she often goes topless. He tenderly puts his hand on her chest and passionately circles the tips with his tongue. Ina excites the little tongue play and opens her legs slightly. Jens now puts his hand on the inside of her thigh and slowly slides further up into the center. He unerringly moves his fingers to her pleasure zone and begins to explore it slowly. It disappears in her several times before gently stroking her most sensitive point.

“I missed you so much,” Ina purrs, spreading her legs even further. Jens accepts the invitation and lowers his head. He passionately spoils Ina with his tongue. She is so excited that he elicits little cries of pleasure. “You’re doing this wonderfully!” She moans and encourages him to continue pampering her vagina with his insane tongue play. Jens feels that Ina is coming – he lifts his head to put his fingers on her clit. He rubs violently at her lust point and Ina is now so hot that she cries out loud. He loves to pamper her orally and hand and watch her come along. Ina does him the favor with the greatest pleasure, because it is like wax in his hands.

Now Jens opens his pants – Ina folds her beautiful legs behind his neck so that he can penetrate deeply with all his weight. Jens is so excited that he only needs a few firm shocks to come too. Exhausted, the two lie next to each other and kiss. After a little while Ina takes his hand and says: “Come on, honey let’s go for a swim”. They strip naked and run into the water laughing. They loved each other twice that morning before going back. Ina has decided to take such small erotic excursions with Jens more often.


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