Sex on Vacation

Sex on Vacation

A student on a savings course and a holiday-ready best ager – the ingredients for the erotic short story “French Desires”.

My story is now 15 years ago, I studied law in Göttingen, which was worth it, because today I am a pretty good lawyer. My biggest problem back then was money. My father’s check came on time every month on the 28th, but by the 15th of the next month I already had no beeps. The semester break had started, but the job I wanted to do was only supposed to start in a week. And I wanted to go out for a few days. So I pumped a friend and stood at the highway with cash 200 euros.

Back then I was a little slimmer than I am today and a little blond, long-haired and blue-eyed. Although my parents always warned me never to hitchhike, I tried. I had a clear confidence in people, even if they were completely foreign to me. Today, as a defense lawyer, this belief of the time helps me to convince the court that my clients are innocent.

So I stood there, in jeans and a super long and oversized sweater, and waited. Porsches and other luxury cars drove past me. A cadet finally stopped after 20 minutes. Since I hadn’t even made it to a student duck, I got in.

“Where do you want to go?” Asked the man gently. “Actually I wanted to go to the south of France for a few days!” I replied well-mannered.

“I’m going to Brittany – even for a few days!” The gentleman told me. “We can drive a good distance together!”

He was really sympathetic to me, if a little too old. Relax for a few days, forget the university before you start working – a wonderful idea!

“You’re a student,” the man guessed correctly. “Yes, how do you see that?” I wanted to know.

“You look so intellectual,” he said, then gave me his name. His name was Erich Jäger.

Sabine Urban ”, I said and added:“ You can quietly duke me! ”

“Good, but then you have to say you too!” He agreed.

He noticed my hesitation, looked briefly at me, smiled and asked: “Or am I too old for you as a buddy?”

“No, Erich!” I said firmly, thinking about my good upbringing.

Then we said nothing for a while, and I remembered daring hitchhiking stories from various friends. Scraps of conversation like “… and there the guy put his right hand on my thigh and started fumbling!” And “… the horny goat headed for the next parking lot and wanted me to pay for the take!” through my head. “Well,” I thought, “the girls were unlucky!”

“Are you okay if we drive through?” Erich asked suddenly, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“What do you mean?” I asked the counter question.

“I have to go almost to Brest and slept a good 10 hours to get through the route in one go!” He said. “And how do you want to drive?” I wanted to know now.

“We drive via Cologne, pass the German-Belgian border in Liège, then drive through Maubeuge to France, then via Amiens. Well, wait, then there is the motorway between Rouen and Caen. That is Normandy. We drive them to Cherbourg and then on to Brest, ”he explained to me in detail.

“Sounds like you’ve driven the route many times before,” I realized sensibly.

“Right! Friends of mine have a country house just before Brest, where I take short breaks a couple of times a year, ”he said.

“Fine, I agree!” I replied. “But, if I have to – do you stop?” I just wanted to know for safety, because men, once sitting in the car, often drive through for hours, regardless of weak bubbles.

“I’m just a human being too!” Came a smile. I noticed the coffee I had drunk in the morning, and we had been out for a good two hours at that point.

“Does that mean that I should stop at the next rest area?” He asked the crucial question.

I could have kissed him for understanding.

“You know what, we stop at the next motorway service station, have a bite to eat and do our human business!” Again I could have hugged the man, who no longer seemed so old to me. We drove for another half an hour, long ago we were behind Cologne on the way to Liège. Fortunately, the motorway service station was not a posh restaurant, but only self-service. I thought about my wallet and didn’t really want to eat anything. Without asking, Erich brought us some sandwiches, coffee in plastic cups and some fruit.

What can I give you, I mean to give you participation? ”I asked.

“I would have preferred caviar – but there is no such thing here. Of course you are my guest! ”He said.

For the fact that it was a free meal, it tasted like caviar. I had no idea about these expensive fish eggs anyway. Somehow Erich felt like an old acquaintance. As if he had guessed my thoughts, he said: “You are familiar to me like a buddy!”

Strengthened and redeemed, we climbed back into the cadet. I soon fell asleep – simply because I felt safe and secure with Erich. At some point I was gently woken up. Maubeuge, border crossing. I was drowsy and realized that it was my identity card. When we had passed I fell asleep again immediately. I have never been able to sleep so long and so deep in a moving car again. Later I wondered if Erich had put anything in my coffee – but what reason could he have had? When I woke up the sun was shining and the car was in front of an adorable white house. Erich lay on the steering wheel with his arms crossed and blinked at the house.

In response to my “Hello, how are you?” He turned to me, smiled and said: “Isn’t it beautiful!”

“Is it the house?” I wanted to know and didn’t go into his statement.

“Yes!” He replied and got out, opened the gate and led me to the entrance. After he had caught up, I just had to be amazed. From the hallway you could see a room with a fireplace, in front of which there was fur – like in a film. What came next went very quickly. I immediately felt at home, found the bathroom, showered, brushed my teeth and came into the fireplace room, wearing a bathrobe. The curtains were open, and Erich had lit the fireplace on broad daylight, lying on the fur, covered only with a kimono. I sat down with him and knew exactly what was going to happen now. We were so familiar with our movements and looks, didn’t speak a word, just understood each other.

Comfort and warmth left room for a pleasure that had previously been foreign to me. When he undid the belt of the bathrobe and put his hand between my thighs, it was natural. Erich freed himself from the kimono and pulled me onto the fur, laid me on the back and sat on me. His thighs pressed my legs together. He closed his eyes as he moved.

“You are so wonderfully tight!” He whispered and paused to continue his rhythm immediately afterwards. My middle joined him rhythmically. I became aware for the first time how I could work and play with my muscle. My abdomen woke up to mature eroticism and I felt that I felt like a real woman. I felt my climax approaching as waves ripple on the beach.

Erich’s thigh pressure subsided, he bent my legs and laid them on my shoulders to feel me even more My buttocks were in his strong hands.

As if I had been released from bonds and chains, I enjoyed my new freedom, whimpered, sighed, let his tail dance inside me and fell into an unprecedented intoxication of the senses. Red and hot we rolled on the fur, entwined as if we had grown together. Erich kissed my tear-wet eyes. And when he put his mouth on mine, his lips tasted of the salt of my orgiastic tides.

We were still united and I noticed how his potency grew again in me. With each movement, a new orgasm lined up like a pearl on a chain.

Then it was quiet. Only the crackling of the burning wood in the fireplace reminded us where we were, that the trip had been exhausting for Erich and I was hungry that I could have eaten an entire wild boar. No question that we spent the few days of vacation together – and they were unique and unforgettable for me.


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