Internet acquaintance

Internet acquaintance

Two unknown strangers meet in the vastness of the anonymity of the Internet and get pretty close pretty quickly…

I don’t really know how it all started. On a pretty cold and rainy evening, my curiosity drove me into a chat. After many strange chat partners, I actually wanted to leave when Martin ran into me. We quickly realized that we were not only about the same age, but also lived a few kilometers apart. With his pleasant and personable manner, he very quickly got into a long conversation and when we said goodbye after four hours, I only hoped that he really would contact me at least by email. The hope was also fulfilled a few days later and we continued to exchange niceties by email. In one of them, for example, he described how he prefers to kiss a woman and when I read I chuckled to myself. Our writing developed a kind of momentum, our descriptions became more detailed and my curiosity increased from email to email. Two weeks ago we agreed to chat again and it was just as fun and tingling as when he suddenly asked me for my phone number. I don’t usually give it to a stranger so quickly, but something about his style appealed to me so much that I wanted to hear his voice and eventually gave in. And his voice was exactly as expected: funny, erotic and it gave goosebumps on my back. The phone call lasted almost two hours and after that I could only sleep very restlessly, woke up constantly and even dreamed of this voice.

It became a daily routine to talk to each other in the evening before going to bed, and every morning he woke me up with a happy text message, a very pleasant way, by the way. And so it was predictable that Martin would invite me to dinner one day.

My curiosity was now great, I wanted to be able to assign the voice on the phone and the words on the PC to a person. When Friday evening finally came I was completely nervous in front of my closet, overwhelmed by the question of what I wanted to wear to this meeting. I chose black pants, a top and a light cardigan in case it should get a little cooler. The black shoes made me a few centimeters taller, because according to him he should be a bit taller than me. I looked satisfied in the mirror and took a deep breath when the doorbell rang. So he was on time and when I opened the door, two bright blue eyes looked at me. I noticed his embarrassment in his smile, but in keeping with his charming manner, he had brought a large bouquet of sunflowers – my favorite flowers. Our first date was a complete success. The evening just flew by and there was not even an embarrassing silence in which we had nothing more to say. The initial fear was gone when he got into his car and when we went back to the parking lot after dinner, he took my hand as if it were a matter of course. As feared, it got really cool and when he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me a little closer, I gratefully let his body warm me.

When I arrived at my front door, he made no move to come in. I was slightly disappointed, I didn’t want to end the evening when he leaned down and gently touched my lips. They felt soft and when there was no protest on my part, he put an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him; still his lips on my mouth. The kiss was exactly as described in his email: First he ran his tongue along my lips, gently pushed between them and when I opened my mouth a little, he pushed her in demanding. I don’t know how long this kiss lasted, but at some point he gripped my long, dark hair with his right hand and pushed it aside. He caressed my neck with his lips and tongue, bit him gently so that he elicited a soft moan from me. When he got to my earlobe, I voluntarily put my head on this side and pressed myself very close to him. As he continued to spoil my neck and earlobe, I stroked his back with both hands, traced his spine with my fingernails, and benevolently found that he liked it. I was all the more astonished when he suddenly broke away from me, wished me a good night with a smile and disappeared into the darkness. I stood there still amazed and then went to my apartment. All night I thought about his behavior and fell asleep in my stomach with a very bad feeling.

Normally, such behavior meant nothing good, so I was all the more pleased to find that he had not forgotten me in the morning, because a soft beep on my cell phone indicated that I received my good morning text message. The next week was like this, we wrote e-mails, talked a lot on the phone and arranged to go to the cinema on Saturday. When choosing the clothes on Saturday evening, I already decided not to make it disappear so easily this time. I chose my white lace underwear, a long skirt and a white blouse. He had mentioned his preference for skirts in one of his emails and I decided to use this knowledge for myself. I wore my hair open as usual and fortunately it fell over my shoulders today with light curls. And again I had a pleasant tingling sensation in my stomach and had to take a deep breath before going to the cinema. This evening was also funny and relaxed and when I got home, I gathered all my courage: “Would you like another cup of coffee?” I asked him with a smile and got the hoped-for answer. While I poured us a hot coffee, he looked around my apartment with curiosity. “You are an incredibly interesting woman,” he remarked and came up to me, looking me straight in the eye. I had to swallow noticeably, his eyes made me a little nervous and as if I had suspected – or hoped – he leaned down to me and touched my lips gently. As with our first kiss, he began to play gently and carefully with my tongue and then explored my mouth demanding.

His eyes shone with pleasure and excitement…

The situation was incredibly romantic. We had a full moon, which let his light shine exactly through my living room window, his kiss, which tasted so good again when the ringing of his cell phone interrupted us and we let go of each other, startled. Annoyed, Martin broke away from me and gave me a guilty look. He cleared his throat and answered the phone, but he never stopped stroking my hair and neck. Grinning, he hugged me and pulled me towards the kitchen chair to sit on his lap when I got there. I laughed softly and wanted to get up in protest, but I hadn’t counted on the determination with which he held me and began to stroke me sideways. His eyes shone with pleasure and excitement, finally I gave in and stayed. By now I knew how that evening would end. All the time we looked into each other’s eyes, I ran both hands through his hair as he continued to gently caress me and touch my breasts by accident. I squeezed my pelvis a little harder into his lap and with joy I noticed that his voice was getting a little bit deeper and he was having trouble concentrating on the phone call. It was a very important phone call to take from the wording, and after a passionate kiss had just failed, I leaned down and licked his neck with my tongue, nibbling on him lightly. He nervously took two fingers and stroked my cheek, grabbed my chin and pulled me up so that he could look at me. His demanding look excited me insanely and my desire for him grew. “Don’t stop,” he shaped with his mouth. I got up with a smile and let him sit on the chair in astonishment. Standing with my back to him, I took a sip of my now cold coffee and started to open the buttons of my blouse when I felt Martin’s warm body behind me. I felt his hand on the back of my neck, slowly running my finger down my spine, which caused quite a stir in my feelings: the goose bumps that ran down my back, the throbbing between my legs and the cool feeling on my nipples are just a few of which he caused by his touch. I turned to him and saw his desire in my eyes. He helped me out of the blouse and looked at my breasts, which to my delight looked very seductive in the white lace bra. His eyes went down to my stomach, and at that moment I had a daring idea. Slowly I also opened his shirt buttons and started kissing his neck, walking my tongue along his chest and crouching. When I got to his waistband, I made him moan softly. With a quick grip, I opened the belt and button and went to my knees in front of him. I carelessly pushed my skirt up. Apparently he also had more plans today because he was wearing seductive-looking boxer shorts, which I grinned off and took off with his pants. His excitement and lust could not be overlooked. I felt his eyes as I ran the tip of my tongue over his head and circled it, gripped his shapely butt with both hands and stroked my thighs. The whole time I looked him in the eye and by now his conversation partner should have already noticed that Martin was busy and he was disturbing. Because his voice had taken on a hoarse basic tone and he no longer seemed to be completely on the job, but only focused on the sight that I offered him. I had started to cover his penis with my lips. I enjoyed having him delivered to me like this and never stopped licking it alternately over his penis or taking it in me. The whole time Martin’s hand was on the back of my head and since he just couldn’t groan loudly, he pressed me with pleasure, so that he could penetrate deeper into my mouth. At last he had finished the call and he leaned forward and pulled me up. Without big words he took me in his arms and carried me to my bedroom, lay me on the bed, undressed me and began to caress my body with his hands and tongue. I closed my eyes and just focused on his touch.

When his tongue went between my thighs, which he pressed open with a firm grip, I groaned with delight. Although we only knew each other from the internet, he knew exactly what gave me pleasure. With his fingers he gently pulled my labia apart and performed real miracles with his tongue until I writhed with excitement and buried my hands in his hair. My orgasm came over me surprisingly and violently. With my eyes closed tight, I clutched the sheet and let myself be carried away, enjoyed these incredible seconds and then sank back onto the bed exhausted. Martin had used the time and lay down next to me. I felt that he wanted a lot more…

Without letting me rest, he took my hand and pulled me up, grabbed me by the hips and sat on me. I was still so wet from his fingers and tongue that he could easily penetrate me. I immediately started to move and Martin stroked my breasts with one hand while the other gripped my waist and guided me to the beat. Our movements became faster and faster, small beads of sweat formed on our bodies, which Martin licked from my nipples and chased new waves of excitement through my body. As his moans grew louder, I leaned forward and pressed my abdomen firmly against him. He sat up so that I could wrap my legs around him and moaning loudly he poured himself into me, pressed me to pleasure, kissed me and greedily ran his tongue into my mouth. Afterwards we lay exhausted and silent side by side and fell asleep without a word and satisfied arm in arm. When I woke up a few hours later, I was startled by my recklessness. I had never before taken a man to my apartment so quickly overnight, especially not someone I had met online. At that moment Martin woke up and, still half asleep, stroked my hip up to my breasts. I had to smile, because like every man, when he woke up, there was excitement. He pushed his pelvis against me and kissed my neck gently. He lustfully stroked my breasts from behind and while I was still half asleep, he lifted my leg and stroked me between my thighs. I closed my eyes again and gave myself fully to his hands, moaning softly as he ran my index finger along my spine or pinched my nipples demanding. I had now stretched my butt out to him, but now he took the time he didn’t have last night and spoiled me extensively with his hands and tongue. I raised my leg a bit expectantly and finally he took pity on me and penetrated me. He stroked my thighs, rubbed my clit, and took me with slow but demanding thrusts until we both found sexual relief with a loud groan. Then I snuggled up to him and we fell asleep for a few hours. We spent more or less in bed all Sunday and Martin ignored his cell phone, which tried several times to disturb us with his ringing.

Since this weekend I have been able to throw away my fears of internet acquaintances. Martin and I have been a couple since then and spend pretty much every weekend with each other, although our passion has not stopped the stranger and unknown that was the focus of our first two dates. Maybe we are an exception, but I would rather call it a huge stroke of luck.


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