How Mia experiences her biggest sex adventure in a bar

How Mia experiences her biggest sex adventure in a bar

Mia and Hella actually want to spend a quiet girls’ night together, but Hella doesn’t last long at home. In a bar, Mia meets a stranger who gives her the greatest pleasure in her life. Our erotic story!

Although Mia and Hella are very different, the two women have had a close friendship since childhood. While Mia is rather shy, Hella is full of energy and is the driving force – with her power and good mood she pulls Mia along. Mia enjoys it, because men also buzz around her best friend like moths the light. So she is always there without being too much in the spotlight. It is clear that Hella will not be able to endure long at home, because she can only spend cozy hours on the sofa with a glass of wine with a lover. The girls spontaneously dress up and go to a trendy bar. Hella makes no secret of the fact that she wants to experience something – she is not in a permanent partnership and wants to enjoy her freedom to the fullest sexually. Although Mia, who is also single, sometimes finds her friend too open-hearted, she also admires her for it: Mia would also like to be so confident and exciting. Although Mia is attractive, she always feels like a wallflower next to Hella. You just can’t get against a femme fatal.

Mia is fascinated by the stranger – and ready for a sex adventure

While Hella was enjoying the attention of four men, Mia glanced around the bar. As her gaze wanders around, he suddenly gets stuck on a good-looking man who nods at her with a nod. She feels caught and looks away quickly. Mia can not take her eyes off for a long time, because it is simply too attractive. Their eyes meet again and it happened to Mia. As if by remote control she gets up, takes her glass of sparkling wine and approaches the stranger. Just a nod again. He gets up, takes Mia’s hand without a word, and walks with her towards the toilet.

He almost pushes her into the ladies’ toilet, pushes her against the wall, pulls her arms up and holds her hands with his. He pushes against her only slowly, only hinting at kisses. If she tries to kiss his lips greedily, he takes his head back – Mia is going crazy just before, because how he plays with her is insanely exciting. She wants more!

She doesn’t care now, she wants this man, now, immediately, no matter how! It senses that she is ready for anything and turns Mia around with a jerk. He skilfully pushes her skirt up and shoves his hand under her panties. Mia moans lustily when he just puts his index finger on her lust point. She can no longer and begs: “Do it now!”

The stranger doesn’t allow Mia

She tries to reach back with one hand to open his pants. He doesn’t let them go. Until then, Mia didn’t know that such power games sexually turn her on. He calmly opens his pants, takes out his stiff member and presses it lightly against her vagina. “Please, finally push forward!” She moans, but he loves to watch her offer him like a reindeer cat. She wriggles back and forth with her bottom so that he finally takes her from behind.

When Mia thinks she’s coming before the actual act, he hits – almost without warning, a few times, hard, fast, without compromise. Mia literally explodes, she has never had an orgasm like this! She gasps and tries to suppress a loud cry of pleasure. When he also came, he freed himself from her, cleaned himself and left the toilet without a word. Mia is still leaning against the wall and has to collect herself. She can hardly believe what sexual fulfillment she has just experienced in the toilet. She pulls up her panties and adjusts her clothes. Mia loves to still feel his smell.

With blushed cheeks, Mia goes back to the bar and sits with her friend. Her gaze wanders through the room. Her adventure is back in its place. Nodding his head and smiling, he toasts to her, she also bends her head and smiles back. Hella, who barely noticed that her friend was gone for a while, just ask: “He looks good, do you know him?” “No”, said Mia only, grinning mischievously and thinking: “If you knew, Hella!”


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